Dave Portnoy’s Sex Tape Partner Sydney Raines Comes Forward

Dave Portnoy’s sex tape partner Sydney Raines is speaking out. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has made a living covering athletes personal lives, and ironically now that he’s as famous as the athletes he covers, he’s the one under the microscope. Portnoy’s latest bit of drama involves a sex tape leaking on the net.

Portnoy quickly reacted to the vid hitting the net.

Now it appears the person in the video with Portnoy has been identified, and she’s speaking out.

“Some might not approve of the video content but it was entirely consensual and it’s unfortunate that it is no longer private,” Raines wrote on Instagram, “but [Portnoy and I] are still friends with no animosity between us.”

She added, “I won’t label this a mistake since we have both taken responsibility for it.”

If you’ve seen the video, it’s pretty hard to watch. It definitely gets filed in the ‘Fetish’ category.

Hey, to each his own.

Check out more of Portnoy’s consensual sex partner below:

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