Hall of Fame Poker Player Daniel Negreanu Shares Gruesome Injury After Being Trampled In False Las Vegas Shooter Incident

Daniel Negreanu has had a rough go of the World Series of Poker this summer losing quite a bit of money, but on Saturday night, he was literally kicked while he was down.

Negreanu puts out a daily VLOG to his YouTube channel recapping his day and poker hands. In his Day 47 VLOG you can footage of the scenes including what lead to him getting injured.

Earlier today we posted about the Chaos at WSOP as an active shooter was falsely reported, which left the Vegas strip running.

As far as his WSOP goes, he is currently down $1,124,956 from this year alone.

Luckily for everyone involved there was no active shooter and Negreanu seems to be fine. His VLOG is a great look into the actual fear people had and scenes.

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