The Dallas Cowboys Are Now Pleading With Fans Not To Panic About Dak Prescott’s Injury On Social Media And People Have Some Hilarious Responses

After Dak Prescott made his return from a lengthy leg injury last season, a seemingly small shoulder injury surfaced at the start of Training Camp.

But as time has gone on and Prescott remains sidelined, many around the Cowboys organization are beginning to wonder just what the hell is going on with Dak’s shoulder.

Just to add to the current panic from Cowboys nation about Dak Prescott, the Cowboys sent out a tweet on Wednesday night that they were planning an MRI for his shoulder.

They wanted to make it clear that this was ‘not a reason to worry’ though.


Fans had plenty of great responses to the funny plea from the Cowboys about the Dak Prescott MRI.

Like the many responses to the Cowboys’ tweet have portrayed, everyone is most definitely going to worry about Dak Prescott getting an MRI on his shoulder.

And the more vague the team is, the more people are going to continue to worry that Prescott’s injury might be something significant.

So far, the Cowboys are still saying that Dak Prescott is looking to be available for the regular season. But after missing most of the entire last season with an injury, the quarterback needs reps.

Needless to say, none of this is good news for Dallas fans.

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