Dak Prescott Revealed His Nasty Scar From Shattering His Ankle

The Dallas Cowboys aren’t talked about enough, so why not talk about them so more? America’s team was front and center last night as the premiere of Hard Knocks aired. The Cowboys QB was featured as one of the main storylines, mostly they talked about his recovery. Dak is fully healthy, at least his leg, and he showed off the scars that he’s left with following two surgeries.

β€œWhen I had the first surgery, it was an open wound,” 28-year-old Dak said. β€œAnd, they just wanted to go in and do what they needed to do initially. I thought I was going to be able to start rehab and yet I had to go back under the knife.”

β€œWe kept that down, nobody knew that. And then, [the scar] became a wishbone.”

Dak added, β€œI’m healthy. I’m completely healthy.”

Watch below:


Now Dak has a shoulder injury to worry about.

Hopefully he can stay healthy this season, but Dak still has to get over the hurdle of some potential PTSD following that catastrophic injury.

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