Dabo Swinney Was Furious With Florida State For Canceling The Clemson Game

Dabo Swinney had some words for the Florida State football program after their decision to cancel this weekend’s game vs. Clemson. Florida State claimed they weren’t comfortable playing the game after a Clemson player tested positive for COVID-19.  Dabo thought that was hogwash.

“This game was not canceled because of Covid,” Dabo said. “COVID was just an excuse to cancel the game.”


According to The Athletic, players on both Clemson and Florida State woke up on Saturday morning under the impression that there would be a football game. Then, the teams evidently didn’t agree on whether the game should or shouldn’t be played, and Florida State canceled. Here’s what The Athletic article said about Florida State’s reasoning for not playing.

“Word that a player who had tested positive made the trip to Florida raised a red flag for Florida State on Friday night, sources told The Athletic. The player had practiced and attended meetings this week and had been on the team plane and bus. He had not tested positive until Friday after traveling, but he had been symptomatic, according to FSU sources.The fact that the Clemson player plays what FSU deems a “high-risk position” in the trenches raised more concerns, according to sources.

An FSU source pointed out that the program has been diligent in following strict protocols and also didn’t allow players to travel home during the recent idle week. The source added that the Seminoles have gone about two months without any positive COVID-19 tests, dating to coach Mike Norvell’s positive test in mid-September,” the article stated.

I’m kind of with Florida State here. If they did their due diligence and weren’t comfortable playing the game, then they should have canceled. It’s not worth risking the health and safety of your players and coaches. It seems to me like they made the right call. Dabo Swinney would vehemently disagree, though.

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