Cowboys Fans Beats Down Chargers Fan In Insane Parking Lot Fight At SoFi Stadium

Cowboys fans fighting with Chargers fans, sounds about right.

As the NFL season  continues, so do the fan fights. A Chargers fan was punched in the face several times by a Dallas Cowboys fan in a very violent, extremely wild brawl in the parking lot at Sofi Stadium over the weekend. The crazy fight reportedly began in the parking lot area of SoFi Stadium following the Cowboys’ win over the Chargers.

It was set off when two women got into a heated argument.

A Cowboys fan screamed to a man trying to break up the fight to “control your bitch.”

That’s when it all unraveled.

Watch below:

Police or security didn’t show up until the fight was long over.

Of course, there were several other brawls at NFL stadiums throughout Sunday, this is just how it goes these days.

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