Colin Kaepernick Loses Millions on Business Deal After Refusing to Do PR

Colin Kaepernick is apparently not a fan of media tours.

In a new report, it has been revealed that Mission Advancement was trying to buy The Change Company, which is a group dedicated to giving banking and lending services to marginalized communities.

The deal was on track to go through, but it has since fallen through after Kaepernick’s refusal to do one thing.

Kaeprnick refused to do TV Press for it.

Via WSJ:

“The Change Co. seemed like the perfect company for Colin Kaepernick’s SPAC to buy. The California lender focuses on minority borrowers underserved by traditional banks, a snug fit with the former National Football League star’s social-justice activism.

But a deal ran aground last week over a peculiar issue: Mr. Kaepernick’s reluctance to stump for the merger on live television, people familiar with the matter said.”

It was not revealed why Kaepernick didn’t want to go through with the media appearances.

But you know Colin is a man who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

Maybe he just doesn’t believe in doing Press to close a deal?

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