Colin Cowherd Tears Into Aaron Rodgers Over “Bratty” Comments, Says The QB Is ‘Unraveling’

FS1 host Colin Cowherd isn’t afraid to hurt athletes’ feelings, and he’s made his thoughts very known as it comes to QB Aaron Rodgers.

Cowherd think the reigning MVP is a bit of a diva, and has taken issue with how he handled the animosity with his front office in Green Bay.


During his weekly appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show”, Aaron Rodgers lashed out at people who were criticizing his drive and motivation during the week one loss to the Saints.

“It’s absolute horses–t to give a platform to people who have no idea what they’re talking about as far as my mental state and my focus, my work habits — people that have not been around me, that are not in my life, I don’t have communication with them or not in the locker room,” Rodgers said. “That’s just chickens–t. It’s so ridiculous that people get a platform to do this.”


During his show today, Colin Cowherd took issue with the comments made by Aaron Rodgers.

“This is so beneath Tom Brady. Imagine him weekly going out and whining and complaining? Aaron spent the offseason demanding power, yet doesn’t like the responsibility that comes with it,” Cowherd said.

During his rant, Colin Cowherd even brought up that Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have too many people in his corner because of how he treats others – including his family.

In a bounce back performance on Monday, Rodgers threw for four touchdowns in a convincing win over the Lions.

If Aaron Rodgers wants to silence his doubters (including Colin Cowherd) he’s going to need many more performances like Monday’s, and way less like the one against the Saints.

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