Cole Beasley Reacts To Being Fined For Not Wearing Mask

Buffalo Bills Receiver Cole Beasley has been the most vocal member of the unvaccinated community since the NFL made it clear that there would be enhanced protocols for players who opt against the shot.

Beasley has used his Twitter account as a platform to lash out against the league’s rules. And after he was fined for neglecting to wear a protective mask, Beasley had some more things to say.


Cole Beasley directed this message to Isaiah McKenzie, who was also fined for the mask protocols.

“Don’t worry they got me too,” Beasley said. “But I was wearing a mask when I was in close contact with fully vaxxed trainer who tested positive and still got sent home. So what’s the point of the mask anyways? Meanwhile I’m here still testing negative and can’t come back. Make it make sense.”

Cole Beasley has to sit out five days after coming in close contact with a member of the medical team who tested positive for COVID.

“For players who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, like you, your conduct is expressly prohibited by the Protocols,” the league said in its letter to McKenzie. “Again, your conduct potentially compromised not only your safety, but also the safety of others, as well as the league’s ability to ensure that your club’s training camp is conducted in a safe manner.”

The NFL has made it very clear that despite the backlash, they will not budge when it comes to their protocols for unvaccinated players.

Cole Beasley will likely continue to voice his frustration, but I doubt it will lead to any changes around the league.

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