Chuck Liddell Says He Would ‘Hurt’ Jake Paul In A Fight

Jake Paul has quickly become the latest boxing sensation. After knocking out Ben Askren quicker than you can snap your fingers, he turned to annoying Floyd Mayweather at a press conference ahead of a fight that doesn’t even include him.

Apparently, a lot of fight fans actually think Jake Paul is good after that Askren mess. One person who isn’t convinced, however, is Chuck Liddell.


The UFC and MMA legend was asked by TMZ Sports whether there is any chance of him stepping into the ring with Paul. In response, Liddell didn’t mince words when he offered the following quote:

“He’s not good enough to fight me.”

Do people actually think Chuck Liddell is in the wrong here? Yes, he’s 51, but please, let’s have some dignity here!

Liddell continued on:

“It just doesn’t make sense for him. None of it makes sense for this guy. He’s going to risk getting hurt like that?”

Of course, this potential in-ring matchup is only being rumored at all after Chuck Liddell and Jake Paul had a run-in on Twitter including the following from the legend:

Paul responded to that Tweet by posting the following pic of the two following his knockout win over Ben Askren on Instagram with the caption:

“This guy Chuck Liddell begged me for a pic after my fight and now is talking shit on Twitter.”


I mean, it seems pretty simple to me: Liddell doesn’t view Jake Paul as being a good enough fighter to step in the ring with him. Combined with the fact he believes he would hurt the poor kid, it seems best if we leave this one off the card for now.

And honestly, forever probably works just fine too.

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