Chris Webber Was Calling The Lakers Game And The Mute Button Was Heard Round The World

Amidst the time just before opening tip-off to the playoff Game 1 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trailblazers, it was brought to light that NBA Hall of Fame player and not-so-HOF play-by-play announcer Chris Webber was going to be calling the game.

And it was at that time that the Mute Button was among the loudest clicks in the universe (according to Twitter anyhow).

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As the game progressed (as depressing as it became for we Laker fans), the commentary on behalf of Chris Webber was the oddest form of a silver lining to transpire, and the tweets were every bit as much complimentary to the situation as it unfolded…

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With commentary more comparable to the timeout called in Michigan rather the competitive majority of his NBA career, Webber couldn’t seem to catch a break behind the microphone last night. But considering that he’s been doing this since 2008, I’m not so sure there’s room for that much leniency to be granted time and again.

As much as we’re going to be hearing it from the Twitter birds when Chris Webber gets into the booth next, there’s a substantial amount of my heart (and ears) that can’t wait for it.

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