CC Sabathia Is Going To ‘Punch Somebody’ If He Has To Read One More Clint Frazier Story

CC Sabathia is sick and tired of hearing about Clint Frazier.

The former Yankees outfielder landed with the Chicago Cubs after being DFA’d by New York. And when a Yankees fan deemed on Twitter that he was happy to see him go, Frazier chimed in to share the same sentiment.

With Clint Frazier’s social media activity gaining some publicity, CC Sabathia has heard enough.

“If I see another Clint Frazier story, bro, I’m gonna punch somebody in the f—ing face,” he said on his “R2C2” podcast with Ryan Ruocco. “Sh-t is ridiculous. That kid played 15 games in the f—ing big leagues. Get the f—k out of here with all these stupid ass f—ing stories.”


Ruocco would go on to talk about how Frazier couldn’t make the most of his opportunities in New York. But CC cut him off – clearly disgusted that the outfielder had somehow become a talking point to begin with.

“I don’t even wanna go there…it’s not worth talking about,” Sabathia said.

Unfortunately for CC Sabathia, his comments are only going to add to the Clint Frazier story.

Hopefully nobody gets punched in the face…

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