Carlos Correa Has a Message for Astros Haters After Advancing Out of Wild Card Round

Looks like the Astros are still pretty upset they became the butt of the joke following an explosive sign stealing scandal. But they did get a little payback in their minds.

Carlos Correa hit a two-out, go-ahead solo home run in the seventh inning of the Astros’ eventual 3-1 win.  After the game he has some things to share.



“I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here. But what are they gonna say now?” Correa said after the victory. “We’re a solid team. We played great baseball. We won a series, on the road, in Minnesota. So what are you gonna say now?”

“‘I feel like on the broadcast yesterday during the game, you guys were too focused on the cheating scandal,” Correa told ESPN Wednesday. “Now that we’ve won the series, I think we deserve some credit. We have a solid team. We can play baseball, we can win games and we can win a series against good teams. That’s what we did this series. We showed that we’re still a solid team and we showed that we deserve some respect.”

The Astros will play either the Oakland A’s or the Chicago White Sox in the next round, so expect a lot of new fans for whichever team ends up playing them.

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