Cam Newton Shares Follow-Up Conversation With Kid Who Chirped Him At His Own Camp

NFL free agent quarterback Cam Newton was trending today after one of the players at his youth football camp chirped him for being a free agent still. Newton was quick to chirp back, and the whole thing was caught on video.

Now, Cam Newton has shared a follow up conversation with the player who called him out. This one had a much different tone, with Cam doing most of the talking. Newton presses the young man on how his team was doing, and asked what he’s doing on the field. The kid appeared a lot more shy than before, and showed some respect.

“You want some attention, I’ll give you some attention…the right way” Newton tells the kid.

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Former and current NFL players spoke out against the kid who heckled Newton at his camp.

I think it’s safe so say that this kid learned a valuable lesson out there today. If you want to have your big moment, you better be prepared for what comes next. Cam Newton handled being chirped by this kid about as well as anyone could have hoped for.

Maybe next time, don’t heckle an NFL MVP.

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