Bryan Cranston Shares His Opinion Of The ‘Despised’ Houston Astros

The Astros slander is real.

With the World Series between Houston and Atlanta taking place this week, legendary actor Bryan Cranston decided to drop his opinion of the Astros on Instagram. Cranston, who is a diehard Dodgers fan, understands rivalries more than most. He Hates the San Francisco Giants, but clearly his disdain for the Astros and their cheating ways trumps all.

“I’ve got some thoughts to share on this eve of the World Series. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so I’ve loved the @Dodgers all my life. By extension, I’ve hated the rival @SFGiants and their success against us, but I’ve never disrespected them. That’s not the case with the @Astros. They have been exposed as cheaters. Not in a good-ol’-fashion baseball way, but in a ‘calculated, devious use of technology and a trash can’ way. The kicker is that they were already a very talented team… they sullied the reputation of baseball, their fans, and themselves – out of pure ego. They disrespected the game, and that is why they are universally disrespected and despised by nearly everyone who loves baseball, including me. Their duplicity was met with finger-waving admonishment as their punishment. The commissioner’s failure to protect the integrity of the game was a disappointment. So maybe the baseball writers can administer justice to these cheaters by remembering years from now, that several great players are hoping to enter the Hall. Correa, Altuve, Bregman, etc, all have a good shot at being elected to the Hall of Infamy. I hope they make it. GO @braves”

See his post below:

Bryan Cranston is that rare Hollywood actor who has some rational thoughts about professional sports.

Not to mention he’ll forever be a legend for his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad.

When Heisenberg doesn’t like you, you know you did something really wrong..

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Comments and Reactions for Bryan Cranston Shares His Opinion Of The ‘Despised’ Houston Astros

Comments and Reactions for Bryan Cranston Shares His Opinion Of The ‘Despised’ Houston Astros