Brad Stevens Getting A Bunch Of Praise For His Offseason Work After The Latest Celtics Move

Brad Stevens had his work cut out for him when he made the move from Boston Celtics head coach to taking over day-to-day basketball operations for the team.

While the Celtics roster might not be at championship level yet, Stevens appears to be moving the team in the right direction during his first offseason.

On Thursday, it was announced that Brad Stevens was making another quality move by trading for Grizzlies forward Juancho Hernangomez.


Shortly after the deal was announced, Celtics fans took to social media to praise Brad Stevens on the job he has done thus far.

Brad Stevens has certainly been active trying to upgrade the Celtics roster around stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. And so far, you can’t say that he isn’t doing everything in his power to build a winner.

As rumors began to surface that Stevens was done as the Celtics coach last year, he was being linked to other jobs around college and NBA basketball. But it was evident that he proved himself enough to where Boston was set on him having a role in getting the team back to contention.

It was a surprising announcement when Brad Stevens became a front offie guy. But so far, he looks like he’s up to the challenge.

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