Baker Mayfield Takes a Shot at Browns Offense

Baker Mayfield is not too happy about the Browns game plan in last night’s loss to the Steelers.

The injured QB struggled mightily, at one point he threw 10 straight incompletions.

Following the game Baker spoke about his struggles, and took a shot at the game plan too.

Mayfield was critical of the gameplan that left rookie tackle James Hudson exposed.

“When you’ve got TJ Watt over there and you’re not giving our rookie tackle a whole lot of help, it’s not going to be good,” Mayfield told the media.

“Do I believe I could play better? Absolutely,” the fourth-year veteran said after the 26-14 loss. “Do I believe there’s positions that we as an offense could’ve been put in that would’ve been better? Absolutely.”

Baker Mayfield is going to have surgery on his injured shoulder, so that’s the season for the small QB.

He’ll finish with a starting record of 6-8 with 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Baker’s future in Cleveland not looking so hot.

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