Avery Bradley’s Absence A Harsh Reality For Lakers Fans, Yet They’re Somehow Just Realizing It (Or Are They?)

Before the start of the pandemic, Avery Bradley was an absolute Godsend for the Los Angeles Lakers, especially under the current nucleus of LeBron James and Anthony Davis: one where perimeter shooting has been a major support catalyst that lends aid to how they run their offense (and always have been important to LeBron-led teams).

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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed some harsh guidelines as players who have or are related to an immunocompromised situation have had to opt out of the return to playing (or just for the sake of safety to err on the side of caution). And luck would have it that the player who has saved the Lakers on several occasions this past regular season would fall under that category.

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The saving grace who left the opponent Clipper corridors for the purple and gold side of Staples Center happens to have a young son with asthma, and he was forced to make a challenging decision prior to the NBA’s bubble return that would impact his Lakers’ chances in the playoffs.

A decision that apparently (and embarrassingly for some Lakers fans) was not well received, with people determining that a ten-year title absence for the Lakers meant that much more than the looming health of someone’s family (ie: Avery Bradley’s family).

Or just getting it wrong altogether:

Abreast a real war against a virus impeding on humanity, we must ask ourselves and fellow Lakers fans which battlefield you are really on when heaping your Net Cred points into accountability: are you fighting against an invisible disease or an ongoing feud with evident mediocrity of recent years?

You decide…but you have to declare it to Lakers Twitter first apparently. Bradley averaged 8.6 PPG in 49 games played (44 started), .364 3PT%, 2.3 RPG, and 0.9 STL per game.

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