Athletes Are Sleeping On Cardboard Beds While At Tokyo Olympics To Prevent Sex In Olympic Village

While no one is expecting to see 5-star accommodations for the athletes attending the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, you would at least expect better than cardboard bed frames.


Athletes have been posting their accommodations which have since gone viral.

Paul Chelimo, who is an Olympic 5,000 m runner, posted this picture on Twitter.

The beds’ frames and modest mattresses are designed by a company called Airweave and they’ve managed to produce around 18,000 for the Olympics. While they are somewhat intricate in their structure and configuring they are also able to be adjusted to an individual’s liking.

There are many reasons why this is a laughable matter. The first being that these beds look worse than sleeping in any University of College dorm. The second is that there are rumors floating around that these beds were created with the intention of limiting and preventing one of the highlights of living in the Olympic Village; sexy time.

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