Antoine Walker Reveals Story About Him And Michael Jordan Being Down $900K In Spades

Spades is a fun household game to gamble on. However, I bet you haven’t put down as much money on it as Michael Jordan. It is no secret that MJ is a vicious gambler. Walker recently joined ‘All Things Covered‘ with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden and share a couple of different MJ gambling stories. One particular story involving a 36-hour long game of spades where the two went down $900,000 stood out.

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Forget about the $900k for a second. That’s just chump change for someone like Michael Jordan. Imagine playing spades for a day and a half straight. There had to be some breaks to eat and do other regular activities, but that much alone is impressive. Antoine Walker went into detail about how the duo ended up finding themselves down nearly a million dollars.

“When Mike calls, the buy-in goes up a little higher. It’s going to be a number that everybody has to bring to the table. I’d say $20,000 just to get in. If you don’t have $20,000 to get in, you can’t even play. Mike was competitive. I remember one time we played spades for 36 hours. We were playing against two other guys and Mike and I were partners. They had us behind $900,000.”

Playing for 36-hours straight is still the impressive part to me. However, if you do the math the timing checks out. If you are playing for $20k a hand that is a minimum of 45 games. Knowing the type of competitor Michael Jordan is, there is no way he let himself lose that many games without getting his here and there.

While Walker and MJ were down $900k at one point, they dug their way back to just a $20k deficit before the other players eventually ended up winning $180,000. Walker said MJ got tired and was “falling asleep at the table.” Walker even claimed that Chicago had to push back the press conference announcing Michael Jordan’s return to the bulls because he was so sleep-deprived.

The moral of this story is twofold. If you want to play cards with Michael Jordan you better come strapped with cash. Secondly, there is no price too high for Michael Jordan. He will do whatever it takes to get even the smallest of victories. The man truly is the greatest competitor of all time.

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