12-Year-Old TikToker Hilarious Blasts Jets With A Breakdown From A Disgusting Play

The Jets are so awful that even a 12-year old TikTikoer with limited football knowledge was able to tell them off by looking at one play.

During one of Zach Wilson’s interceptions from the game against the Patriots on Sunday, it wasn’t hard to notice that everything that could have gone wrong on the play, did go wrong, leading to the interception.

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Check out this kid completely tearing into the horrid Jets play.


Fans on social media were completely amused by the 12-year-old’s assessment of the Jets.


This TikTok kid is already an internet legend for his breakdown of the Jets.

And honestly, it seems like he made some pretty good excuses for Zach Wilson after his dismal performance against the Patriots.

It’s going to be a long road for the Jets rebuild. And hopefully, this TikTok kid can continue to provide some quality content through it all.

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