11-Year-Old Buffalo Bills Fan Celebrates Beating Cancer In Typical “Bills Mafia” Fashion

Repping his Josh Allen jersey, 11-year-old Joshy Hutchinson celebrated beating cancer in the ultimate “Bills Mafia” fashion with the season right around the corner.

After ringing the bell indicating a patient is now cancer-free, Hutchinson took to the real celebration, jumping through a table.



Joshy Hutchinson is already a legend in “Bills Mafia” for so many reasons, and the jumping through the table act was the perfect way to cap off his battle with cancer.

With the season right around the corner, Hutchinson has a lot to be excited about. Josh Allen has proven he’s the guy who can give Buffalo fans the chance to win a Super Bowl in the near future. And there’s no reason to believe this year can’t be that year.

Congrats to Joshy Hutchinson. Truly a heartwarming story.

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