Saints Rival Reportedly Trying To Pry Sean Payton Out Of Retirement

When Sean Payton retired from his longtime job as Saints head coach at the end of last season, he left the door open to coming out of retirement if the right situation presented itself.

“Retirement, I don’t think is the right word today,” Payton said at the time. “I don’t know what’s next and it kind of feels good.”


While Sean Payton is still under contract with the Saints for next season, he would be free to join any team as a head coach next year. And already, we’re hearing some rumblings.

All offseason, some buzz linking Payton to the Dallas Cowboys has gone on. But now, another team has reportedly been eyeing the offensive guru: the Carolina Panthers.

“The Carolina @Panthers are eying coach Sean Payton, sources tell @FOS,” said Michael McCarthy. “After missing playoffs 4 straight seasons, Panthers might be willing to wait a year while former Super Bowl-winning New Orleans @Saints coach explores TV with @amazon or @FOXSports.”

Sean Payton is expected to delve into the broadcasting game during this season. But perhaps he’ll be bored and looking for another challenge when the year concludes.

Many are already calling Panthers head coach Matt Rhule a lame duck coach. And who better to clean up the organization than Sean Payton?

If you’re the Panthers, you have to at least try to make it happen.

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