One Team Reportedly Calling Panthers For A Christian McCaffrey Trade

Would the Carolina Panthers seriously consider trading away star running back Christian McCaffrey?

After being injured for the past couple of season, McCaffrey’s value would likely be taking a bit of a dip. But when he is on the field, he’s proven time and time again hat he’s one of the most dynamic play-makers in the entire NFL.

With the Panthers seemingly not building a contending team, NFL teams are likely curious whether or not they might be willing to go into sell-mode. And sure enough, the Bills reportedly called the Panthers about Christian McCaffrey.

For now, the Panthers weren’t ready to talk about the possibility of trading away their best player in Christian McCaffrey. But given the current situation in Carolina, one would have to wonder if there is some ridiculous price that would be too good for their brass to pass up.

Despite looking around for upgrades at the QB position, the Panthers ended up landing Ole Miss QB Matt Corral in the third round of the NFL Draft — and he’ll undoubtedly need a year or two before he’s fully ready for NFL action.

If the Panthers wait around too long, they might just waste the prime of Christian McCaffrey’s career without even receiving any value in return.

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