Mike Vrabel Under Fire For Scheduled Appearance at Controversial Church With Trump

Mike Vrabel’s offseason has been a real rollercoaster.

Mike Vrabel said last month that the rumors around a potential Brown trade were not legit. In fact he said they would never trade A.J. Brown.

“Not as long as I’m the head coach,” Vrabel told Rich Eisen when asked about a potential move. “I love A.J. professionally, personally. I’ve known him well as his coach and enjoy seeing him as much as I possibly can. … “As long as I’m the coach here I would want to have A.J. Brown on my football team.”

Then during the NFL draft the Titans traded their star receiver.

Vrabel’s reaction to the deal, which was caught on camera, quickly went viral. Vrabel got out of his seat and paced to the back of the Titans war room.

Now Vrabel is once again going viral, this time for something that has little to do with football. Vrabel is scheduled to make an appearance with Trump and it has everyone up in arms.

See Vrabel’s scheduled appearance at the controversial Cornerstone Church below:

Check out all the reactions below, people are genuinely pissed:

You really never want to see your football coach getting too political, and you definitely don’t want to see him aligning himself with such polarizing figures.

We’ll see if Vrabel ends up going through with this schedule appearance, or will the backlash be too much?

We will see, definitely not a good look for Vrabel.

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