Fans Hilariously React to Brittany Mahomes Sharing How She Maintains Her ‘Grace In Such A Hateful World’

Last time we checked, Brittany Mahomes wasn’t graceful, at all.

In fact some of her actions in the past few years have been downright obnoxious. Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany does get a bunch of flack on social media for the things she does.

But for the most part she gives as much as she receives.

This week Brittany was asked in a Q&A how she maintains her “grace in such a hateful world.”

“Honestly, I have no other choice!” she replied. “I would never let people on the internet destroy my peace or effect [sic] my life. BUT. It’s been hard, it took time to learn this and still learning at times.

“It’s always gonna be there, at times its [sic] worse then [sic] others & at those times is when you won’t see me on here or the internet. Hence why I have taken such huge steps away from social media. It’s a toxic and horrible place at times and those are when I say peace out.”

“My world outside of social media is great. I have the right people around me always and that’s where I stay when people on here wanna be sh-tty. Not my problem, bye.”

If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

Fans reacted:


Brittany has invited all of it, she could have just remained chill in the background like most QB’s wives, instead she chose to be cocky and crass.

People don’t forget.

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