ESPN Zoomed In on Titans Player Scratching His Crotch Behind Mike Vrabel on Monday Night Football

Talk about an unnecessary zoom in shot.

The Tennessee Titans paid a visit to the Buffalo Bills for the first game of the Week 2 Monday Night Football double-header. During the second quarter a penalty was called and the camera cut to Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel who was waiting for an explanation on the penalty.  Behind him a player scratched his crotch.

Which wasn’t intentional, as far as we know.

Watch the crotch scratching incident below:

And here’s a completely unnecessary closeup below:

That appears to the bottom of the number 14, which means the crotch scratcher is Randy Bullock. As of this crotch shot, Bullock was 1-for-1 on extra points so he can scratch all he wants. When this is your highlight of the night, you know it  was a pretty bad night of football for the Titans.  The Titans, coming off a 21-20 season-opening loss to the New York Giants, opened 0-2 for the first time since 2012.

The two-time defending AFC South champions face numerous questions about a defense that gave up 313 yards passing a week after allowing 238 yards rushing. Meanwhile, their offense only gained 187 yards, managed 12 first downs and had two of 11 drives finish in Bills territory.

“We got our (butts) kicked, plain and simple,” coach Mike Vrabel said after the most lopsided loss in his four-plus seasons coaching the Titans. “They outplayed us and they outcoached us, and that’s the definition of it. We’re going to go back to work and try to figure out how to win a football game.”

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