Eddy Curry Claims Chicago Bulls Offered Him $400K A Year For 50 Years To Take DNA Test

Eddy Curry is back in the headlines.

The fourth overall pick in the 2001 NBA draft was leading the Chicago  Bulls in scoring in just his third year when he was hospitalized for having an irregular heartbeat. The Chicago Bulls were obviously worried Curry had some kind of heart condition that could potentially shorten his career, so they allegedly offered him $400,000 per year for 50 years.

Curry explained to Vlad TV:

“It was literally just one episode,” Curry recalled. “I can remember I was playing, we were playing the Bobcats and before the game we shooting around and stuff and I just kind of felt this little weird rhythm. Like my heart, it was just like an extra beat, it was beating normal, but it would just be like an extra beat every now and then.

“And I remember sitting down, I sat down at half court with Tyson, because we always would sit there and just talk about the game or whatever, and I’m like I feel like an extra beat in my heart right now. And he’s like, man, stop playing, cause a lot of time a lot of guys in those type of cities back then, they kind of really didn’t want to play in those type of games. The Bobcats weren’t one of those cities you would really get up for, so he’s like man, stop playing bro, we got to play this game. I’m like, man, ain’t about playing the game, Tyson, I don’t duck games, bro, I really feel a weird beat bro! And he was like, well go tell Fred, man, Fred was our athletic trainer.

“So I go in the back, I’m like Fred, man, I got this extra beat going on I don’t know what it is. So he puts the the stethoscope on me and he was like, yeah, I definitely hear it. So he went and got the other team physician and then they got their main doctor for their team and they were like, you know what, there’s definitely something, let’s admit him, just to be sure.”

Watch Eddy explain below:

Bulls requested Curry take a DNA test to rule out any genetic defects.

“It came down to a situation where they were like, we want you to take a DNA test because we don’t know if maybe you could have heart disease or maybe you will eventually develop heart disease, we don’t know, so we feel like with a DNA test we can at least rule that out and if we can rule that out then we’ll let you play,” Curry continued.

The team would soon trade him to the Knicks.

“I was devastated because I felt like I really built something in Chicago,” said Curry. “I felt like we were really finally winning, man. I was going to get a chance to see what it was like to play in front of that crowd, man. It just devastated me.”

Great to see Eddy looking happy and healthy.

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