Harry Caray’s Hologram Made an Appearance at Field of Dreams Game

The Field of Dreams game pulled out all the stops.

It was a beautiful night for a ball game in Iowa, and the game had plenty of long lasting memories. During Fox’s broadcast of MLB’s Field of Dreams game last night, a very strange thing happened during the seventh-inning stretch. A hologram of legendary Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” And let’s just say it was a bit strange.

Watch Harry the Hologram belt out Take Me Out to the Ballgame:

After working for 25 years with the Cardinals, Harry had a brief one-year stint with the Oakland Athletics in 1970 before moving to Chicago, where he broadcast for the Chicago White Sox for 11 seasons and then for the Chicago Cubs from 1982 until 1997. Caray broadcast more than 8,300 baseball games in his 53-year career.

The future is here, and boy does it look weird. It looks like something out of MLB The Show got inserted directly into the Field of Dreams game. We had an inkling this was coming and some claimed it might be, “offensive.” I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it was weird.

Was this completely necessary? Well, Cubs fans probably got a kick out of it, but you can tell it definitely felt a little odd.

The legends in the world will one day live on forever.

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