Baker Mayfield’s QB Battle Odds on the Move Following Reports He’s Emerging as Starter

Baker Mayfield’s starter stock in on the rise.

Mayfield was acquired at relatively low cost from the Cleveland Browns, who took on a substantial amount of dead-cap to be able to move their disgruntled Quarterback. Things couldn’t have gone much better for the former No. 1 overall selection so far, as reports suggest he’s going to get the starting job over Sam Darnold. Plus there’s already reports the Panthers are shopping Sam Darnold, which points even further to Baker being the Panthers choice for the starting job.

The Panthers have not officially confirmed Mayfield as the starter just yet, but they eventually will. In the meantime bettors are noticing Baker’s odds on the move following the news.

See below:

Baker and Darnold aren’t the only QB Battles taking place at NFL training camps.

See more odds below:

It was only a few weeks back Mayfield’s starting Job odds looked a lot different:

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule has said that the team will not put a timetable on making a quarterback decision until after the second preseason game.

Rhule’s first question at a Wednesday press conference concerned the plan for Saturday and the coach said nothing’s been decided other than that both of the competitors for the job will be on the field.

“Not yet. We’re working through all that. We’ll meet today and kinda have that, but both quarterbacks will have a chance to play,” Rhule said.

But if things keep progressing for Mayfield like they have, expect his odds to get even worse for those willing to bet on the former Browns QB.

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