Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend Asked for Him to Be Placed on Home Confinement

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy and the mother of his infant child, Kristin Evans, were in court this week in Florida. Kristin Evans asked the court to increase his bond, and she also asked that he be placed on home confinement.

Stacy got out on $10,150 bail after he was arrested for the brutal beating of his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his baby son. It was all captured on video.

Stacy’s Ex Kristin Evans explained to the court how she’s still very fearful for her life now that he’s out of jail.

Evans’ request to have his bond increased was denied. Stacy is not allowed to enter the State of Florida outside of any hearings.

Via Orlando Sentinel:

During a hearing Wednesday, Circuit Judge Mark Blechman heard from Stacy’s ex-girlfriend, Kristin Evans, who asked the court to increase the bond amount and place Stacy on home confinement.

Evans said she was “afraid to go home” after Stacy was released from jail.

“I was slapped, punched — literally picked up and thrown into my TV,” Evans told the judge. “… This is not the first time he’s been violent with me. I am afraid for my safety and my children’s safety.”

Blechman denied her request to increase Stacy’s bond amount or require him to wear an ankle monitor, which the judge said is “prohibited” in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. Stacy will live in Alabama with his mother until December when he checks into a Colorado mental health treatment facility for 30 days, said Thomas Luka, Stacy’s defense attorney.

You can’t blame Stacy’s ex for wanting him to be confined to his home. If I’m her I’m investing in a serious home alarm system.

Hopefully she can get some rest at night in spite of him being out of the clink.

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