‘World’s Most Beautiful Athlete’ Jala Sue Sizzling on Cover of FHM

The nickname of the World’s most beautiful athlete doesn’t just get anointed to anyone.

The “World’s Most Beautiful Athlete ” is Jala Sue, who recently made the cover of FHM Australia.

And Jala Sue is more than worthy of the moniker. Jala isn’t your typical ‘Ahtlete’ per se, she’s more of a fitness model, but hey, does it really matter?

Check out her cover below:

“Today we celebrate the women before us, the women who inspire us, the women who teach us & the woman that you are RIGHT NOW!
Each one of us is a unique masterpiece.

For every single woman who did not get to celebrate today, because they are fighting for their lives, their families, their children, their countries… sending love, strength & great empathy.
May we all come together for a better more peaceful world!”

Just because you don’t play a professional sport doesn’t mean you’re not an athlete. Clearly Jala Sue is an athlete, and she’s super hot, so the nickname makes perfect sense.

Check out more of Jala below:

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