Woman Who Started the Rams Fan Fight By Throwing Drink Revealed

In NFL pre-season matchup between local rivals the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers was overshadowed by  a crazy mass brawl in the stands. The Chargers won the game but the fan fight dominate all the headlines. In a new emerging video, the female Rams fan in question is shown lighting the fuse of the fight by throwing a cup containing a drink at the man who reacts angrily to her actions.

Watch below:




Much of the online discussion in the aftermath of the incident focused on the woman who appeared to instigate the fight.

“It was nothing but an argument. The dude had turned away from the argument, too, until he got a soda thrown at him,” itsrockrobsterG wrote on Twitter.

Much like the Malice at the Palace fight, which was recently featured in a Netflix documentary, a person who threw a cup at Artest sparked the fight..

It’s always someone who lights the fuse.

If anyone knows the identity of the woman, let us know.

Should she be held responsible?

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