WFT President Jason Wright Apologizes For Poor Timing Of Sean Taylor Ceremony

While the decision by WFT president Jason Wright to retire Sean Taylor’s number is more than warranted, the team caught some backlash for the timing of the decision.

As part of the Jon Gruden email leak, Washington was deeply involved. In one email, it was reported that photos of team cheerleaders topless was being sent around by people in positions of power.

Amid the backlash of the Sean Taylor announcement, Jason Wright sent out a statement.

“What we wanted to do was make good on something we know was long overdue,” Wright wrote, via “Of all the football traditions, retiring numbers is especially symbolic and deeply reverential. So, prior to the season, we put a plan in place to retire the jerseys of some of the great men who helped build this historic franchise. Bobby Mitchell and Sean Taylor are the start of what we hope will become an honored tradition here as it is in many other places.

“… We screwed up the execution and, as a result, we realize that we hurt many of our fans deeply. And for that I and we as an organization are sorry.”


Jason Wright’s statement will likely do very little to keep the critics away, but it was with a shot.

Nonetheless, it should be a nice ceremony for Sean Taylor on Sunday. He’s earned it.

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