Washington Cheerleaders Demand NFL Release Full Report on WFT’s ‘Boys Club’

NFL cheerleaders are not happy this week, and are calling on the NFL to release its full report into workplace culture after allegations surfaced that coaches had secretly distributed nude photos of them by email. The story about the  nude emails  first surfaced back in April.

Former cheerleaders for both teams told The Daily Beast that they are horrified by the revelations, but not surprised.

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“It’s despicable, really, to see that there is more evidence of exploitation and violation of these cheerleaders who I worked very closely with,” Coburn told The Daily Beast, adding, “I know that there’s a lot more where these emails came from.

Candess Correll, a Washington cheerleader from 2016 until 2021, told The Daily Beast that cheerleaders still have not seen the investigation report or its results despite being “the actual victims” of the situation.

“If it wasn’t for [the New York Times article,] we would’ve never known that those pictures were going through the mail servers between these two really important people in the NFL,” she said.

In the 10-minute video, Washington employees were told to take behind-the-scenes content at the Washington Football team’s swimsuit photo shoot. They reportedly ended up with cheerleaders changing clothes and being exposed. The video was then reportedly shared with team owner Daniel Snyder, who later denied the allegations.

What a mess. Figures it involves Dan Snyder’s team.

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