Colts Star Darius Leonard Clearly Unhappy Team Has Been Ruled Out Of The Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Daris Leonard is clearly unhappy with his team’s plans at the quarterback position.

After the Colts traded away Carson Wentz to the Washington Commanders, Leonard shared his disappointment with the revolving door the team has had under center for the past five seasons (ever since Andrew Luck unexpectedly retired).

“Here we go again! About to be 5 years with the Colts and 5 different QBs! Thank you Carson for everything this year my guy! Wish you nothing but the best,” Leonard said on Twitter.

According to some reports, the Colts had shown interest in making a move for Deshaun Watson after the criminal charges against the quarterback were dropped.

But the Texans are reportedly wary of trading Watson away to a division rival, prioritizing a deal to either the Saints or Panthers.

When Darius Leonard saw that his team was likely out of the Deshaun Watson sweepstakes, he expressed more disappointment on social media.

Darius Leonard has clearly had enough of bringing in bottom-of-the-barrel options to fill in as their quarterback. And I’m sure the linebacker shares the same sentiment as the entire fan base that it’s time to make a move fore a real franchise QB.

For the past few seasons, Leonard has anchored a top defensive unit for the Colts, but because of their deficiencies on offense, the team hasn’t been able to round into true contender form.

Now, Darius Leonard will be left wondering who the team might bring in next to lead the offense. But it’s becoming clear that whoever it is, it’s not going to be Deshaun Watson.

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