Vitor Belfort Takes Care Of Evander Holyfield In The First Round

Vitor Belfort, 44, absolutely wiped the floor with 58-year-old Evander Holyfield at the main event of the Triller Fight Club Saturday night.


Holyfield was a late replacement as Oscar De La Hoya was supposed to be in the ring against Belfort this evening. De La Hoya unfortunately contracted COVID and was removed from the fight.

Belfort looked good, but Holyfield should just clearly not be fighting anymore. The former boxing phenom was knocked down multiple times in the first round, then the ref stepped in with 9 seconds left to end the nightmare.

There is no doubt people are screaming for their money back after many fans paid big PPV money to watch this horrendous display of boxing.

Belfort is looking to make his way in boxing after a long career in the UFC. His last time in the octagon was in 2018 where he was knocked out by a front kick by Lyoto Machida in the second round at UFC 224.

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