Vince McMahon Reportedly Wouldn’t Allow Johnny Manziel in the XFL

Johnny Football is a still a big name in football circles, and he still has the ability to drum up interest, particularly in TV viewership. Former XFL owner Vince McMahon was not a big fan of Johnny Manziel, and did not want him to be a part of the XFL, ordering the league’s Commissioner and CEO Oliver Luck to keep him out of the football league, per The Athletic.

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McMahon is currently countersuing Luck over breach of contract, claiming the commissioner disobeyed orders to not allow players with bad backgrounds. Though the lawsuit is focused on receiver Antonio Callaway, the pursuit of Manziel was highlighted as another example of the two sides’ disagreements.

“How long R U going to play this game Oliver? U know there is NO CHANCE IN HELL for Manziel to play for us,” McMahon sent in a text. “I will NOT change my mind. So what’s Ur plan??”

As Luck later revealed, the public discussion was a marketing ploy.

“Vince—we have no intention of signing him, none whatsoever. We’re just milking the story to stay in the news,” he responded.

Apparently Vince didn’t want any player with Johnny’s history, hoping to keep the bad guys out of the league. Johnny however was pumped about the XFL.

Now it seems Johnny never had a chance to make a team, per Vince’s instructions.

Manziel is finally back playing football, as he most recently signed up for the fan controlled football league. 

Meanwhile, The Rock has purchased the XFL with the hopes of relaunching when the pandemic ends.

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