Vic Fangio Speaks On Teddy Bridgewater’s Minimal Effort During Fumble Return

Vic Fangio is going to stick with Teddy Bridgewater as his starting quarterback. But that doesn’t mean he’s all too pleased with his effort from last week.

In one of the weekend’s most viral clips, Bridgewater was seen not trying whatsoever to bring down Philadelphia’s Darius Slay following a fumble recovery.


When talking about the play earlier in the week, Vic Fangio admitted that he would have liked to see some more out of Teddy Bridgewater there.

“I’d like to see us all pursue it a little bit better offensively and try to get that guy down,” Fangio said, per ” … I’d like to see Teddy at least make a play at the guy.”

Teddy Bridgewater also sided with Vic Fangio and the waves of people on social media who were clowning him by saying he was wrong not to try to attempt to bring down Darius Slay.

“Rewatched it today as a team,” he shared. “Coach (Fangio) pointed it out. He said, ‘My effort had to be better there.’ And I totally agree. That’s not the type of tape that I want to put out there. It’s one of those situations where you get pissed after you watch it because you know how much this game means to you.

“You know guys are out there trying to make a play. It’s like you feel like you got a little help running toward the sideline to try and force a cutback, but when you slow it down, it’s like, ‘Man, just give more effort.’ You watch it and you walk away from it pissed at yourself at the effort.”

Teddy Bridgewater and the Broncos are now at 5-5 on the year, last place in the AFC West. If things don’t turn around this year, it could very well be the last season at the helm for Vic Fangio.

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