Jaguars Reportedly Looking Into Firing Urban Meyer

Urban Meyer’s tenure with the Jacksonville Jaguars may be even shorter than we expected.

Over the weekend, Meyer created a media firestorm when a video surfaced of him grinding up with a younger blonde at an Ohio bar.

Despite his apology, many were calling on the Jaguars to fire the first-year head coach.


Early Tuesday morning, NFL insiders reported that Jaguars owner Shad Kahn and the rest of the brass were holding many closed door meetings that had nothing to do with football.

On top of that, the Jags are reportedly looking into whether Urban Meyer’s actions would justify him being let go “for cause”.

Urban Meyer Already Out In Jacksonville?

If Urban Meyer was to be fired by the jaguars the big question is really: would he even care?

Meyer has been linked to the USC job ever since Clay Helton was fired earlier in the season. And even if he isn’t considered for that position, he would undoubtedly land a prominent college job elsewhere, if he wanted. On top of that, Meyer has looked and sounded disinterested and dejected ever since the NFL season began.

For now, Urban Meyer remains the coach of the Jaguars. But the team might be looking for his replacement as soon as this week.

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Comments and Reactions for Jaguars Reportedly Looking Into Firing Urban Meyer

Comments and Reactions for Jaguars Reportedly Looking Into Firing Urban Meyer