Tulane Pitcher Braden Olthoff Checked For Using Pine Tar Because His Pitches Were Beyond Filthy

Tulane pitcher Braden Olthoff threw an absolute gem against Mississippi State last week. Olthoff was dicing up the Bulldogs with a wide array of nasty pitches. In fact, Olthoff was so filthy that the Mississippi State dugout was sure he was using a substance to impact the spin on the baseball. It helped that Olthoff kept touching his glove, seemingly in an effort to screw with them.

Check out Jomboy’s breakdown of the whole situation.

Braden Olthoff took to Twitter to explain himself after being accused of doctoring the baseball.

“In my defense, I do not know how to break in a glove, so I have a big bubble down there where I keep touching and pushing down. Come check me every game for pine tar, please,” Olthoff said.

Tulane appears to have a budding superstar with Braden Olthoff. He has the mentality that you need to be successful, and the stuff is just ridiculous.

I’m buying stock in Braden Olthoff today.

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