Tom Brady Had a Hard Time Defending Controversial Roughing The Passer Call that Went Against the Falcons

Tom Brady is having a tough time explaining what happened.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were extremely lucky to escape Sunday’s Week 5 game against the Atlanta Falcons with a 21-15 win, but you’re not going to see Tom Brady admit there was anything going on. After trailing by as much as 21 points, the Falcons scored 15 straight points and had a prime opportunity to set up a potential game-winning drive. Grady Jarrett appeared to sack Tom Brady on third down, which would have forced a Tampa Bay punt. But referee Jerome Boger made a controversial roughing the passer call, and it worked out well for Tom.

And while NFL fans were furious about the call, even Tom Brady wasn’t backing the call on the field that was made.

During the postgame press conference, Brady was asked what he thought of that play. Brady responded by directing that responsibility back to Boger and his officiating crew.

“I don’t throw the flags,” Brady said.

You can see the controversial roughing the passer call below:

And sure, Brady was never going to admit that the officials gave him a call.  But what he could have done was explain why, from his perspective, he thought it was a roughing-level hit. He didn’t even try to defend it, which is very telling on what he really thought about the penalty called.

NFL fans had thoughts on this postgame moment from Brady.

After the penalty, the Tampa Bay Bucs ran out the clock. They improved to 3-2 on the season.

Tom is going to get calls like that, he’s probably earned it.

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