These Instagram Models Running Routes On The Beach May Be The Perfect Weapons For A Coed Flag Football Team

Beaches in Los Angeles County were closed over the weekend but that didn’t stop Instagram model Brooklyn Millard and a pal from showing off their proficiency with the pigskin. From the great form on the snap to solid ball awareness on her route, it’s hard to argue with what @BrookeMillard brought to the table here. A competent female receiver is a legit weapon for a flag football team. But when you pair that with another woman at quarterback who’s also got a solid arm? That’s like the Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson cheat code for any coed flag football squad.

And that doesn’t even broach the subject of the distraction they’d bring to the table against the usual flag football opponents who take the sport way too seriously. If they take the gals lightly, they’re cooked. If they get lost in their eyes, they’re giving up a 50 yard bomb. If they try to flirt, they’re getting a swim move on the line and then getting lost in the hypnoticism-inducing booty. I’d run a traveling squad with these gals hustling dudes out of money across the country. A Charlie’s Angels of flag football pick up games.

Or, more likely, I’d drool and try to hamfistedly say something charming that they vacantly laugh at only to immediately go back to their beach frolicking. Either way, there’s clearly something to tap into here. Take a look at some highlights from Brooke Millard’s Instagram while I try to think of a more viable grift:

An adorable golden retriever too? Instagram models + Air Bud = a literal dream team. Now that’s how you celebrate what America is all about.

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