T.O. Is Still Almost As Fast As The Cheetah At 46 Years Old

Terell Owens hasn’t played a game in the NFL in a decade, but the veteran receiver still shows blazing speed. The NFL legend and Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill aka “The Cheetah” took to a Florida high school to settle a little wager on the track. Hill wagered $1,000 that even with a 10-step head start he wouldn’t lose in a 100-yard dash to Owens. Cheetah clearly underestimated T.O. as he won that race with ease. Afterward, Hill challenged T.O. to a 40-yard dash to win back his pride. No headstart this time. The cheetah won, but 46-year-old T.O. still clocked an insane time.

Tyreek Hill proved he’s one of the NFL’s fastest receivers as he clocked an unofficial 4.37 in the 40-yard race. That’s no surprise. We all know the cheetah can turn on the burners; he didn’t earn the nickname for being slow. The bigger story is that T.O. was just a step behind. He clocked an insane 4.42 time…at 46! The fact that T.O. can still clock a sub-4.5 40-yard dash time 10 years removed from the league is absolutely insane. The Hall of Famer knows his own potential though.

“I’m faster than half [the people] in the league!” said T.O.. “Andy Reid, trust me, if you get into trouble now, if you get in trouble, I’m letting you know right now, I’m social distancing, I got my mask on, but if you ready, it’s going to be mask off. Bring me to Kansas City now!”

The Kansas City Chiefs are the reigning super bowl champs. They have a bevy of elite receiving threats in Hill, Kelce, Watkins, and more. Not to mention the man throwing them the ball has an absolute rocket arm. Add T.O. to that receiving corp, even at 46, and that offense is virtually unguardable. I don’t think there’s any defensive scheme that can stop that kind of speed, athleticism, and Andy Reid calling the plays to boot.

Tyreek Hill might be able to outburst a 46-year-old T.O., but he’s not quite the fastest of the current NFL players. Bengals receiver John Ross holds the 40-yard dash record with an impressive 4.22 time. Raiders rookie receiver Henry Ruggs III isn’t too far behind at 4.27. But there is a certain Kansas Chief that believes the Cheetah isn’t even the fastest receiver on his own team.

Hill responded saying “I stay ready”. Whoever the fastest Chief is they are going to give secondaries a nightmare, regardless.

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