Stephon Gilmore Testing Positive for COVID Raises Concerns About a Major Outbreak in The NFL

Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore testing positive for COVID is bad news for the NFL. Really bad. Gilmore is the third Patriots player to test positive over the past week. Following QB Cam Newton and practice squad defensive end Bill Murray. Three players on the same team testing positive in one week is a serious cause for pause. Now there are some real concerns about a major outbreak in the NFL, and they are justified.


Cam Newton tested positive on Saturday. Which led to the league moving the Patriots vs. Chiefs game from Sunday to Monday night. One major concern is that Gilmore played in Monday night’s game against the Chiefs and was seen after the game dapping up Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Whether or not Gilmore had COVID at the time is unknown, but now everyone is concerned. And rightfully so. But there are larger concerns than the one incident with Gilmore and Mahomes. Another Tennessee Titans player tested positive for COVID, followed by a player on the Las Vegas Raiders. Not only is this the possible precipice of a major outbreak, but it’s also a scheduling nightmare. One that could lead to the postponement or cancellation of the 2020 NFL season.

NFL players and staff are tested daily. However, they are not in a bubble environment. So there is really not a good way to stop the spread of COVID with the current status of the NFL. There is no way to know exactly when Gilmore, Newton, or any of these other notable players contracted the virus. The story will continue to develop, but right now there is major concern about how the NFL can move forward with the season if so many players continue to test positive.

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