Sad Viral Cowboys Fan’s Girlfriend Calls Him Out For Cheating After Being Spotted on TV

The Sad Cowboys fans are still feeling the sting.

While the Cowboys were trying their hardest to  come back and beat the Niners, the cameras were catching all the sad Cowboys fan’s reactions.


Several of them went viral, and Twitter did its thing.

Here’s the pic below you probably have already seen.

Apparently that dude in the pic was caught lying when this pic instantly spread like a virus on the net.

His on again/off again girlfriend took to Instagram to set the record straight.

He allegedly told her it was a guy’s trip.

“Hi everyone, yes this is my trash ass ex who is a serial cheater and that is  his side chick. We are no longer together and we haven’t been for a while but he continues to lie all day every day just like he lied about this trip when he swore it was a guys trip. He also told me he had cut this girl off but clearly another lie.  I normally wouldn’t post my business but literally my phone is blowing up and while I appreciate you guys sending me this picture I don’t need to see it anymore.

See her post below:

Seeing your signficant other on TV with the girl he cheated on you with can’t be easy.

Talk about being caught in 4k.

Check out  some more of the viral fans from the Cowboys loss.

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