Ronda Rousey’s Breastfeeding Photo Goes Viral

Nothing to see here, just Ronda Rousey breastfeeding.

Former UFC legend turned professional wrestler, Ronda Rousey, is still doing things that bring her plenty of attention.

Ronda still has a major following online, even though she really isn’t in the fight game anymore.

Rousey is now trending for a breastfeeding photo she shared with her 14 million followers.

“Our boys asked me the other day how I’m gunna feed Pō on the plane when we take her with us to Hawaii,” she wrote in the caption.

“And I was like ‘uhhh, same way I always do’ 🤷🏼‍♀️Then it occurred to me that they probably never seen anyone breastfeed before and weren’t sure if it was appropriate in public. Motherhood’s some badass, primal, beautiful shit that shouldn’t be hidden. It still blows my mind that my body assembled this little person, pushed her out and now makes everything she needs to thrive🤯 It’s really nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to brag about🤰🏼👩🏼‍🍼 #normalizebreastfeeding #proudmama”

See below:

Breastfeeding doesn’t seem easy with a hungry baby:

Ronda seems like she has a great grasp on motherhood. Only a matter of time before she gets the itch to return to WWE. You can only fight for so long, she has the rest of her life to be a Mother.

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Comments and Reactions for Ronda Rousey’s Breastfeeding Photo Goes Viral

Comments and Reactions for Ronda Rousey’s Breastfeeding Photo Goes Viral