Ron Rivera’s Cancer Diet Was Unconventional to Say the Least

Washington Football Team’s Ron Rivera is one of the tougher bastards in the league. He played for the famed Monsters of the Midway team, the 1985 Chicago Bears. So when Ron Rivera gets cancer, cancer better watch out.

Riverboat Ron finished his treatment back in late October.

Now we’re finding out what he was eating to help kick Cancer’s ass.


“For breakfast, I had pancakes and to help swallow, I had what amounted to three cups of syrup on the two pancakes.Water tasted terrible.

The only things I could truly drink were root beer and Mountain Dew. Those tasted normal and helped me eat from that point on. What’s crazy is one of the foods that helped me get through this was Taco Bell tacos, for whatever reason.”

There’s no playbook for beating cancer, you do what feels right. And for Rivera, a steady diet of Taco Bell and Mountain Dew seemed to do the trick.

It’s probably something a doctor would not recommend. Riverboat Ron has never been afraid to take a gamble.  Praying for him to stay in remission.

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