Robert Saleh’s ‘Confidence’ Comment About Zach Wilson Going Viral

Whether he likes it or not, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh has his entire tenure directly tied to rookie quarterback, Zach Wilson’s, success.

So far, it’s been a pretty bumpy road for Wilson. But he doesn’t have much help, and we have a long way before his story is truly told.

But the quarterback has been hurt for the past few weeks. And when speaking to reporters about the injury, Saleh dropped a quote that riled up some fans.

Robert Saleh deemed that Zach Wilson was basically fully healed, and that the next hurdle would be to get his “confidence” right.


Fans were quick to pounce on the “confidence” aspect of Robert Saleh’s comment on Zach Wilson.

What does Robert Saleh’s quote really mean?

Sure, any chance the pounce on the Jets and people are going to take it. But let’s be real here: any young quarterback (especially a runner like Zach Wilson) would need some time to take hits before they can be fully confident in a leg injury, and this is no different.

Robert Saleh probably could have worded his comment a little bit better. But I’m not sure if there’s any direct implication there that he isn’t confident in Zach Wilson.

Whether or not the coach truly believes in the kid remains to be seen, though.

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