Report: Dan Snyder Potential ‘Compromise’ Surfaces Amid Report Owners Want Him Out of League

Looks like Dan Snyder might be willing to play ball.

It appears as though Dan Snyder could come to a “compromise” to not own the Washington Commanders anymore. According to Michael Smith, he thinks that there’s a possibility that Snyder could pass the ownership of the franchise onto his children.

Charissa Thompson did an intro and then Michael Smith did a report that included the possibility of Snyder passing ownership onto his children as a potential compromise.

There have been talks of a vote amongst owners, but the NFL owners do not plan to do that at next week’s league meeting, per The Athletic.

This news comes on the heels of an ESPN story published Thursday claiming Daniel Snyder recently told a close associate he has enough information to “blow up” several NFL owners and commissioner Roger Goodell.

The report said Snyder has used private investigators to look into several NFL team owners and Goodell to obtain dirt for this very situaiton. These were the same tactics he allegedly used within his own franchise to scare employees seeking accountability for workplace misconduct and sexual harassment allegations levied against the owner and his team.

If he passes on ownership to his own family, not sure that will make much of a difference.

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